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Go forward reader with this tale.  It has not been told before, to a mortal anyway.  Moreover, I am telling it now only because it deserves to see the light of day, and you as well deserve some enlightenment.  Many tales of vampire lore have come before, more will follow, but none so notable, none so in need of having to be told as this one.  The truths of which you will learn will come to be a part of your newly formed memories and your previous portrayal of the vampire will be gone into days passed.

I am old.  Very, very old.  However, to see me on a street corner or pass me at a coffee house you would be none the wiser of whom or what I truly am.  I have been alone for most of my existence; it is only in the last century that things have begun to take off for me. 

I am an immortal, a poet, a father and a son; I am the ever-unchanging shadow that lurks by night to carry out my missions.  I am a nightmare to some and I am a savior to others.  I have spent years, decades and even centuries, experiencing the life of mortals along this journey, which has unfolded to be my life and my experiences here in the mortal domain.  My journey is not over though; instead, it has just merely begun.

For the first time in nearly five hundred years, I understand what humans mean when they talk about the feeling of completion.

Love, sorrow, happiness and even fatherhood have befallen my aging soul.  Companionship has been my greatest feat of accomplishment thus far . . .  Nevertheless, love is the passion by which each of us measures ourselves, right? 

Did we find love? 

Did we give it? 

On the other hand, did we let it pass us by entirely?

All of our stories are unique and worthy of acknowledgment, this one is mine.  PLEASE, turn every page that follows and walk a mile, or quite a few more in my case, in my shoes.  Let me introduce you to my plight and myself, along with those few people lucky enough to have met me, and survived the encounter to partake in this journey called life.  Whether or not it is a mortal or immortal life, the only thing harder is death!  Death is the one thing we most certainly have in common.  For you are still alive, and I am undead, but one day everybody’s bill will come due; even mine!

My name is Alasdair Arcos and this is my account.  Please sit back, enjoy yourself and try to see the world through my eyes.  You may grow to love me, you may find you hate me, either way it will not change me.  This is the story of my life along with my love, Raven together we invite you in to share a piece of us.

The world has changed unimaginably in the five centuries since my birth; it has changed unnoticeably since you have read these words, but the slightest change is still change in and of itself.  If you toss a pebble in a river, the future is forever changed, even an event so small and simply as this gesture, changes the world we live in.  My scribe, my love, and I have all contributed to this account.  The facts are unchangeably cast in stone.  They are written in blood, quite literally and the tale is still unfolding.  

One word of advice as you venture forward.  Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.